The Inspiration Behind Check My Quotes

Ed Butowsky, a leading Private Wealth Manager in collaboration with former MLB All Star, Torii Hunter have seen too many professional athletes get financially taken advantage of on a daily basis. Torii has seen his former teammates get constantly ripped off. Whether it was random bills coming in the mail or the pool contractor that went too far over budget, professional athletes are too busy with their schedules to know fair and honest pricing.

Several years ago, Butowsky initiated the writing of an article in Sports Illustrated titled “How (and Why) Athletes Go Broke”.

This article quickly became the most popular article in the storied history of Sports Illustrated. The article also gave birth to the award winning documentary film by ESPN called Broke, which Butowsky was instrumental in developing. In the film, Butowsky demonstrated the many ways that athletes find themselves in financial distress.

Throughout the development of the film, Butowsky realized that many of these pitfalls could be avoided if there was a place where an athlete could get an unbiased ‘second opinion’ on many of the purchasing decisions they make on a day-to-day basis.

He determined that far too many of their decisions were being impacted and altered by people very close to the athletes. Most of the time these well-intentioned people don’t have the expertise to weigh in and offer a clear objective view.

Butowsky and Hunter created Check My Quotes to provide an inexpensive and easy marketplace for current and former athletes to go to get the unbiased, uninfluenced advice they so badly need from experts without ANYONE in their inner circle needing to know.

Simply join Check My Quotes and start having peace of mind. Existing members can log in here.